Fred and Jacob Maupin


In 1975 Fred started his framing career with Maupin and Son's Home Building which included his brother Mike and their father Larry - this is where his knowledge and passion of building homes began. In 1980 Fred went out on his own and started FM Framing Contractors doing commercial framing that included churches, schools, and multi-family complexes. After 3 years of commercial framing Fred decided to move into residential framing and started Boise Framing Contractors which specialized in custom home framing. Boise Framing Contractors ran 5 crews, which employed up to 30 carpenters in the Treasure Valley and focused on custom homes. In 1998 Fred was ready to move into home building as a general contractor, with his extensive knowledge from framing, Fred already knew and fully understood the ins and outs of home building. During the decade from 1998 to 2008 Fred built hundreds of custom homes along with partnering in or personally developing numerous residential and commercial subdivisions. Some of these include: Lanktree Estates I, Lanktree Estates II, Lanktree Heights, Middleton Marketplace, Milltown and King’s Court. One of the most vital things Fred has learned from framing that makes him such a great home builder is the understanding of how everything goes together. Fred’s decades of experience allow for a smooth, knowledgeable, building experience so you don't have to worry.


In early 2000 after returning home from basic training and tech school serving in the Air National Guard, Jacob came to work for Maupin Homes as Fred’s superintendent. Just as Fred learned from his father, Jacob has done the same. This wasn't Jacob's first experience in building though. Being around framing and home building all his life, Fred would have him spend his summer breaks from school working for one of his sub-contractors. Jacob has framed, painted homes, worked in well drilling & excavation, landscaping, and just about any trade related to home building. This has given him a strong understanding of the business and what it takes to build a home. After the 2008 financial crisis Jacob decided to leave Maupin Homes to explore his options and see if he enjoyed work outside of the home building trade. After working for a couple of different companies, Jacob returned to college in 2014 to finish his degree while he pursued a career in banking. After receiving a Finance degree from Boise State University in 2017, Jacob worked as a commercial loan officer but missed home building. So, in 2018 he decided to come back and work with his dad, bringing new, innovative ideas, and processes, to better serve their clients at Maupin Homes.